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Why artwhich®?

May founded artwhich® in 2020 to empower (aspiring) leaders to reach their potential and build a better world.


Throughout May's career, she came across various challenges but had no idea what to do. May then met her first mentor in her workplace, and she learned that mentoring was the catalyst that enriched her personal and professional growth. Since then, May has taken creative, trial-and-error, and systemic approaches to her professional development. 


As a lifelong learner with a genuine interest in a variety of academic fields, May founded artwhich® to help individuals/businesses at different stages of life/cycle recognise and understand their challenges, facilitating awareness, and delivering impactful learning. 

Approach of artwhich®

artwhich® adopts person-centered, effective altruism, mindfulness, and systems-thinking concepts in our service delivery.

Art Which Approach artwhich.png

Our Mission

To inspire (aspiring) leaders worldwide through

our consulting, professional development,

education and outreach services.   

Our Vision

To build the capacities of (aspiring) leaders to drive systemic change for a better world.

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Our Values

artwhich® stands for our values in everything we do. 

❤️ Passion

We love what we do.

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🧭 Impact

We focus on impact all the time.

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🌱 Thriving

We do everything well and constantly improve.


"...May, who has been so diligently reading mine and providing focused and helpful feedback."


— Sustainability Course Student

"May is one of the most motivated and positive people I have ever met, she is strong and resilient. She has been and still is an inspirational figure for me."

— Undergraduate Student

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for our knowledge building sessions! I’ve received an offer from my first university choice and you helped me build my confidence for my interviews and find so many new areas of the subject that are so fascinating for me."


— A-Level Student

"Managed the project team extremely effectively, keeping a tight ship and delivering excellent outputs to the defined timeframe."

— Food & Drink Manufacturing Start-Up Founder

"May is very knowledgeable about different aspects of business, digital in particular, we had a great rapport with her and we like that she had integrity."

— Media and Creative Start-Up Founder

"I didn't know I had much to write about my work experience. The session we had helped me to approach my CV through a structure and made me think about the value I can bring to the organisation more in-depth."

— Start-Up Director

Let's co-create.


Art Which Ltd.

Company Number: 13322163

Registered Address: 167-169 Great Portland Street, 5th Floor, London, W1W 5PF, United Kingdom

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